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Royston BMX Racing Club

Royston BMX Racing Club

BMX Racing for all the family

Tuesday Night Dates now avaiable

To avoid confusion the dates for the Club Summer Series Race Dates and coaching sessions have been added to the “Calendar” page. Round 2 of the Series is Tuesday June 2nd

Summer Series Round 1 Results

Rider standings after Round 1 are now available on the “Results” page. Next week is coaching and practice – gates open at 5.45pm. Please let the coaches know if you are coming – if you do not have their details plaease use the “Conatct Us” function.

Club Summer Series Racing – Tuesday May 19th

The Rockets Club Summer Series starts next Tuesday and we will be racing every second week up to the end of August.

Registration opens at 6.00 pm and closes at 6.30 pm with racing as soon as possible afterwards

For those who have not raced before please arrive early and ask for guidance – see the BMX Guides and Club activities pages of this web site.

For those who have been taking the coaching sessions with Lee and Darren, they will be there to watch and guide you and develop their coaching plans for the following week.

Club Night off to great start

The buzz of summer sun was around the coaching session tonight – loads of riders at the school for coaching and a good turn out at the track for gates before their coaching hour. Just made it before the dark set in so next week will be even better – make sure you book your place for coaching now.